All we dream of is a beautiful house, the concrete walls filled with love and warmth. A man can go round the world but can get the comfort under his own roof. But it’s not always pink and roses with the house; things might go wrong, and can act as an obstacle to your dream house. One such obstacle is a “leaking roof”. Roof leakages can be accounted as a “perfect storm” as it not concludes the wrecking walls and ceilings but also damage the valuable furnishings and deteriorates the roof sheathings and framing. Failed roof system is difficult to detect, repair and recreate and one can relate to what once Sir Albert Einstein said, “some problems cannot be fixed with same mentality that created them.”

Roof repairing can be a hassle and an expensive decision too but once the things get into perfect corners, it is a relief to the house and its owner for next few years. Many uses overly steep roof designs but what a great roof system needs is less complicated design and structure, as if soothing goes wrong one can allocate the problem easily. Another important thing that one should keep in mind while creating roof system is to avoid using wooden shacks as they cannot absorb the blistering sun and torrential rains. Lastly, one should not forget the flashing details that need to be done with proper care, otherwise they look clumsy as the nails are exposed which are used in the format inappropriately.

But there is always a way out and one can get rid of these problems, if one plan things from the beginning itself. One should surf the market to get the glimpse of new techniques and appropriate solutions to this complicated roof system and they should be sustainable and feasible. There are different ways available to save your roof from leaking:


Roof designs virtually affect the roof system. One should not have endlessly complicated roof designs and perhaps a simple and elegant roof design is recommended as it makes it convenient to detect the leakage or any other sort of problem easily.



In today’s market there are various options available for the flexible roofing system, which allows one to have a safer and a beautiful home. Some of them are described below:

a. Steep-slope
In which dozens of layers are put over the system to make it secure from any damage and at adverse times it can hold leakage for a longer time.

b. Fatal flow
It is a method under which one can put shingles; a set of rectangular shacks overlapping one another. It is an easier way as one has a variety of options to choose them as they are available in different materials such as wooden, cedar, metal, plastic and metal.

c. Flashing
It is highly approved method till today, as it is to clean the mortar and burrow roof cement copiously over any suspected area. And thin pieces of water-repellent material are installed.

All the methods mentioned above are key to a durable and a beautiful home as it stop the passage of water penetrating into the walls and secures the structure.