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There is nothing than can protect your home more than your roofing and siding. Not only that, but a new roof along with new siding will beautify your home with such a small investment. Roofing and siding are the most visible elements of your home. As you know, they are the first things people notice when they visit you or just pass by. These elements are also the main defenses against the hot Southern California sun, dreadful rainstorms, gusts of wind, and other inclement weather.

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Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof can be very rewarding. Everyone that visits you will undoubtedly compliment how beautiful your home looks but you probably already guessed that. Why else would you have reached our website? We hope with our informative Frequently Asked Questions, you will be able to make a decision on whether you do-it-yourself or you hire a professional. We will guide you through every aspect — from choosing the right roofing materials, to planning the project, to getting the estimates, and to maintaining the beauty a new roof adds to your home.

Tear-off Roofs..

The project will require tearing off the old roof and this is no easy task. It is hard, dusty, dirty work — requiring any debris be hauled away and disposed of properly. When the roof is removed, you (or the roofer you hire) may uncover the structural roof deck needs repair. This can affect the the project costs but also the timeline. Replacing the roof deck can easily double the price. To avoid any surprise it is important that the roofer that gives you an estimate inspects the roof deck from the attic. If not, be on the look-out for added costs.

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