What causes house collapse?

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The instability due to geometry, design, or material choice, will cause the structure to fail from fatigue or corrosion. Failure may also occur due to improper selection of materials, incorrect sizing, improper heat treating, or shoddy workmanship. Failure may also occur from use of defective materials.

What color roof is most energy efficient?

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1) Cool your roof
"Cool" roofs are lighter in color than traditional black asphalt or dark wood shingles and save energy by reflecting light and heat away rather than absorbing them.
Jan 4, 2011

What is the purpose of a roof?

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Safeguard Roofing
The basic purpose of any roof is to provide protection to persons inside a structure from the elements. This purpose is necessary in every part of the world as the roof provides shelter against something as basic as bright sunshine; add to that other changes in weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, hail and high winds.Jul 17, 2017